Sunday, June 7, 2009

WYBE Channel 35 in Philadelphia + Mind TV needs clickable print + printernet publishing

Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing

Around the World

MiND reaches worldwide audiences via our “click to play” mirror internet stream and internet video on demand here, at

  • MiND is free to watch!
  • MiND can be watched by approximately 70 million English speaking broadband internet users worldwide.

from About page @MiND:
"MiND: Media Independence is the newest initiative of Independence Media, the non-profit organization which owns and operates WYBE Channel 35 in Philadelphia, PA. In 1990, WYBE debuted as one of the nation’s only independent public TV stations. WYBE has served its community with international news, documentaries, and unique programs on diverse topics.

In 2005, Independence Media started developing MiND, a new multi-platform television and internet channel. Deeply rooted in WYBE’s local and global community orientation, MiND emphasizes learning, social awareness, and a hands-on approach to media.

MiND’s schedule is filled with 5-minute programs, half of them are made by MiND members. The 5-minute program length reduces the cost and complexity of making programs, and provides MiND’s viewers with an extraordinarily wide range of ideas. Every MiND program plays on-air and online for two years. MiND's 5-minute program schedule is also seen in a mirror stream and on-demand at

By providing access to individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses, MiND is reinventing television. Working within some basic rules set by the FCC and within standards set by the local community, MiND is TV by the people and for the people. MiND’s agenda is set by the community, not by unseen program executives or corporate owners. In truth, MiND has no agenda, except this: we believe that MiND and its viewers should be open to all sorts of ideas, and we hope that some of those ideas will result in making the world a better place.

Key Facts about MiND:

  • A service of Independence Media, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
  • MiND is a community asset
  • Reaches nearly 6 million people every day via TV in the Philadelphia DMA
  • Every program is available, free, on TV and worldwide at
  • Every program is 5 minutes long
  • It’s all about learning, community, and social awareness
  • Members make half of MiND’s programs
  • Membership is open to all: individuals, non-profits, businesses, etc.

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