Friday, June 12, 2009

MPS: This is the opportunity in K -12 education !

Just in from . . . I think if you add in Clickable A4's to bridge the gap until they figure out what''s going to happen when textbooks go away, it should pass the "why wouldn't I do that?" test.
MHLT gets WKCE comparison results:
"Christgau also brought the board an offer from Bauernfeind Business Technologies for a new printer setup for the school.

The school will be selling its current printers and copiers. The savings are being projected in excess of $20,000 over the next five years.

One of the money-saving aspects of the printers is that to print or make copies, a personal code must be entered. In an interview with The Times, Christgau said that this is another way for MHLT to move toward being a 'greener' school.

The school will go from 28 printers and five copiers to three printers, three color copiers, two high performance black copiers and two combination copier-fax machines. After five years the school will own all the equipment.

Paper will be the only cost outside the Revinetix contract. The entire lease-to-own contract will be $22,000.

Christgau said that this year's projected cost is $26,000 for the current printing and copying system. If the school goes under the allotted color and black and white printing costs, MHLT will be credited the excess funds toward next year's contract."

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