Wednesday, June 10, 2009

K -12 Textbooks terminated in Califronia

I told you this was going to happen this year and the window of opportunity is about a year for versioned newspapers and educational printernets, so don't say "nobody could have predicted it." I've been on the same little soapbox since at least 2006.
Arnold Schwarzenegger issues total recall of California's textbooks -
Times Online:
"Californian schoolkids have been told to throw away their textbooks to help the state avoid bankruptcy.
The States don't have any money to spend on stuff that don't work. K - 12 textbooks haven't worked for years.

Anyway, the Governor says that K -12 textbooks are history, starting next year. One blogger says,
If reports are correct, Schwarzenegger intends to provide Californian schoolchildren with an ebook reader – a device, such as the Sony Reader or the Amazon Kindle, that can hold the equivalent of 160 books. Such devices, which cost about £200, are light and portable and have screens that are much gentler on the eye than the typical computer screen.

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