Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now that K -12 textbooks are going away, here's what a global OEM should do.

see previous post about California eliminating K -12 textbooks.

The dirty little secret is that the value that textbook supplies to a teacher are that they are a curriculum guide and they supply tests for each unit.

The opportunity is to print the curriculum guides and the unit tests and forget about the rest of it. You can get the information from the appropriate websites in California. The publishers secret weapon is not the content, it is the quizzes at the end of each chapter.

So some global should get in touch with some K -12 textbook publisher. Then get a printernet set up in the school building or the school district. The teacher gets a monthly printed version of the quizzes. The kids get a machine scorable quiz.

If you have the tech ready for prime time today. Not next year. The test scores can be stored on the web, Then accessed there or in print for open school night to give the parents.

Once you get to clickable print, there are products and margins galore.

more to come. . .

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