Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now that K -12 textbooks are going away in the States, it could be the tipping point for versioned newspapers and magazines.

The short story is that versioned newspapers edited to educational standards can be selected by classroom teachers or curriculum advisors to fill the vacuum. Then supported by ads from public health agencies.

This should work for Oce, HP, Stream and maybe InfoPrint. It should also work for the New York Times, WaPo, Gannet and McClatchey.

The tests and curriculum pieces should work for the textbook oligopoly and independent MPS, Xerox, HP, Ricoh, Canon and anyone else who is in the MFP business.

Go Print! Go Education Printernet!

The next step is clickable print, with lots of margins for everyone.

I'm feeling the sun shining on my IRA.

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