Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another data point for versioned newspapers

In the snippet below, it's the "feet on the street" in snippet one and all of snippet two, that points to the opportunity for versioned newspapers.
from Terry Heaton’s PoMo Blog
Local web revenue begins to favor local media: "Perhaps even more importantly, this discovery could also encourage pureplays like Google, Yahoo,, Reach Local, Yodle and others to reach out and form partnerships with local media companies instead of competing for local dollars.

“The pureplays need feet on the street, which is too costly for them to obtain,” according to Gordon Borrell. “In the end, they’ll probably fall back on being platform and product suppliers, leaving the local media guys as the promoters, content providers, and sales force.”"
Snippet two:
Through time,” he told me, “local media companies were the ones who seized any ‘new medium’ — whether it was newspapers starting radio stations or the radio and newspaper guys starting TV stations, or the newspaper and TV guys getting into cable back in the 1970s.”

“It’s probably a bit early to declare newspaper and TV companies the probable winners in the ‘local online’ space, but I’m seeing a lot of the right moves being made. And history causes me to believe it’s actually going to happen.”
"Platform and product suppliers is the strategy for global OEM/VARs. MPS is like local media.

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