Friday, April 24, 2009

Where's the market for versioned newspapers? Part 7 Not necessarily from newspapers.

Your Guide to Local Watchdog News Sites
by Mark Glaser @PBS: "Probably the biggest question in journalism circles these days is: What's going to happen to hard-nosed local reporting as newspapers shrink and close?

The answer is happening in so many places online that it's hard to count them all up. There are place-blogs, citizen journalism reports, video outfits, podcasts, and Twitter feeds galore."

Free advice to HP, Oce, Donnelly, AlphaGraphics , et al
HP: get this on the radar of your OPM/VAR on the west coast doing digital newspapers.
Alphagraphics: get this on the radar of your OPM/VAR doing digital newspapers.
Oce: get this on the radar of all your OPM/VARs with uneven press loads and anyone in Florida.
Donnelly: stop looking at the top of the pyramid, and get one of your brand new sales people to take the link, and get in touch with whoever is more convenient.
Transcontinental: You have the capacity get in touch with anyone 150 miles from San Francisco.
Xerox: get this on the radar. Do 4 page 14 by 20 newsletters for education. Keep your eye on delivering versioned digital newspapers into bottom of the pyramid high schools.
InfoPrint: get this on the radar of anyone with 150 miles of your innovation center, in between doing transpromo experiments you can test out digital newspapers.
Kodak: get this on the radar of the newspaper people who are using Creo workflows, or if you have a Stream ready to demo, do it with that. Or..start making the deals now so that when the Stream is ready, the market will be waiting for it. If you can deliver the machine and the customers, printers will be lining up at the door to buy it and you'll get some decent margins.

A user network deal
Figure out a win-win revenue share deal that lasts about a year. If necessary give your OPM/PSP some kind of in-kind trade comp to make sure he doesn't have to bear all the risk. If the ad revenue grows to something that works for everyone, you renegotiate the deal and get to charge what the traffic will bear. Or build in an upgrade path so that everyone who shares the risk gets some of the reward.

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