Friday, April 24, 2009

MPS: Print Management with low risk/nice margin . Another business model for a user network economy. But so far it's UK only

In the snippet below it says, "the print management profits of the future". I say that is MPS.

There is probably a copy cat here in the States. Or maybe Cenveo or one of the other roll ups will start one. The right person is Donnelly, but they're probably too busy focusing at the top of the pyramid. It could be for Kodak, but they're too busy on InSite. It could be Xerox, but they're too busy being busy. Maybe AlphaGraphics? or the production folks at Staples? I'm pretty sure the folks at FedEx must be trying to figure out what to do next.

Maybe someone will give the webmarts people a call? They are already doing £37m t/o. They say they are "print management for printers, not against them." It's possible that webmart could become the walmart of print. Lots of little spread around the world. Very, very close to the printernet, I've been preaching about from my little soapbox.
WEBMART® are the most efficient print management company in the UK so even offereing this free service and the highest quality print management we only build intot he prices you receive an average 8% for our PM service to you, so you know you win and we win tegether.

takes the order off you and passes it onto the right printer. We make sure the quality and service is 100% acceptable - after all that is all we do. Our current client satisfaction rating is 9.71 / 10 and we have grown to £37m t/o by doing just this, so you can rest easy.

We benchmark the market and get the best price / quality price instantly and then give it to you. We also show you the price that a good print buyer in the market would get to show you what profit you can make via the PM² margin-o-meter and put them in an estimate to make it dead easy and FAST.
Maybe they want to be the printernet for global education. From their website, it sounds like they have exactly the right DNA to get it done.

There is a very similar but siginficantly different business model. But that's in Australia.
Gosh, I hate being stuck in an overgrown, too noisy, too busy being busy Print market.

Anyway, here's what's going in the UK.
Simon Nias,, 24 April 2009

Webmart has relaunched its free self-service print management portal,, as a 'trade-only' site in a move that it claims will help give printers "the print management profits of the future".

The website gives printers the toolkit to work out prices for jobs that they are unable to produce in-house and to place the job should they win the contract.

Use of the site is free for printers, although Webmart charges an "average print management fee" of 8%, which is automatically included in the prices.

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