Thursday, April 23, 2009

The market for versioned newspapers . . : Part 6 Gannett goes from Ground > Cloud to little clouds to make rain

I knew there was some good reason I bought some Gannett (GCI) last week. They're almost there. They have an easy way to buy ads. They have a good number of the right tribal cloud sites. Sooner or later they will connect the ads to local news-on-paper. To make real money, you have to go ground > cloud > print. No way to make serious money in the Cloud, unless you are Google or IBM.

Then GCI should get back to some kind of realistic valuation.
from MediaPost Publications Sited:
Gannett Forms Digital Media Network 04/23/2009
"Looking to get into the digital ad network game, Gannett Co. announced the formation of the Gannett Digital Media Network.

Looking to jumpstart sales on its Web platforms, Univision is turning to a service that allows advertisers with limited budgets to place banner ads online, by doing little more than uploading a logo and typing in a credit card number to pay.

The company said it will tie together more than 100 digital communities with a combined reach of approximately 25 million people. This includes its big site from the USA Today national newspaper, as well as a number of local TV/newspaper-based sites, such as and"

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