Friday, April 24, 2009

Science Magazine does fine in Print. "Print is Dead?" C'mon.

Consider what might happen if the printernet were up and running. All that Print with a low carbon footprint and much less money for postage.

added 2:30 EST: If school based printernets were running the AAAS could deliver customized print content directly into the classroom and support it with ads from public health organizations. Get biology info into their hands and tell them and their parents what they should do about it. It could do wonders for the childhood obesity epidemic. Someone should get this on RWFJ's radar. Might be a perfect fit for the Xerox Foundation or InfoPrint. They could do an experiment on this,with the same rigor as their transpromo work.

Probably alot better, faster and cheaper than textbooks. It's win-win-win. Win-win-win always passes the "why wouldn't we do that?" test.
The AAAS—publisher of Science—has seen stable ad revenue and growing readership amid publishing’s recent upheavals.
By James Sturdivant from Publishing Executive
"While online advertising has grown at a double-digit rate, ad spends for print products have remained stable, Rosner says, adding that the majority of the organization’s ad revue still comes from print.

“We still have a strong print product that our advertisers deem as very important,” she says. “We’ve become much more international in our focus, and that goes for advertising sales as well. We see our reach as more global than we did 10 years ago, and that’s brought in all kinds of new advertising opportunities.”"

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