Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Xerox Canada. I knew my hometeam can get it right for school boards!

As usual I can find neat stuff at the Death of The Copier:

How come I only hear about the really neat stuff in Canada, or the UK or Australia or Europe? Probably because I can't read Chinese or Japanese.
Finally, Good News Around a School Board and Xerox:
"The Niagara Catholic School District Board handles 53 elementary schools, eight secondary schools, six adult education sites, and a central office.

The District is required to hold records for 55 years.

Noticing that file space was dwindling, and as part of Canada's Eco-Schools Initiative, the board reviewed the current process and looked to support Green initiatives.

They settled on an ECM solution composing of software Xerox hardware. From this article:

'...These combined systems gave the district that ability to automate leave-of-absence approvals, substitute teacher scheduling, HR documentation, and payroll steps -- without all the paper or wasted time. For example, processing a teacher leave-of-absence request once took threes pieces of paper and a lengthy approval process. It's now simply done online in about 30 seconds and approved in minutes...'

The new system has reduced fuel consumption, reduced paper consumption and saved $38,000.00 per year by publishing the newsletter online."

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