Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is how the printernet and wiki newspapers can work

It's called the Printed Blog. It started with one person. According to the website, it's going to have a daily 100,000 circulation in Chicago alone. Imagine the possible circulation if it were printernet published all over the world. Technically it could be millions, with a minimal carbon footprint.

The Printernet daily could be used by OPM/VAR/PSP's to stay top of mind of their customers-to-be. Demonstrating the power of print, instead of talking about it.

For a really good description of the printed blog, check out Jim Lyons Observations blog post, Ultimate Countertrend - The Printed Blog.

Printed Blogs and Printed Wikis for learning
If they could do a 100,000 printed blogs for Chicago, 1000 wiki/blog newspapers in a bottom of the pyramid high school should be a piece of cake.

A teacher + journalist + designer assemble content on a blog or wiki. The designer creates the most the most appropriate form for the desktop or at the CRD or the Print for Pay vendor.

Sooner or later the kids write their observations, ask and get answers to their questions on line. The kids content is included in the next issue. At the end of the unit the content is gathered together and published as a paperback book.

Publishing party !!! Teachers, parents and kids celebrate the learning, writing and book publishing event. Learning ensues.
New locations added! | The Printed Blog:
"Hi Everyone! We’ve been growing and we want you to know about some of the exciting changes taking place at The Printed Blog.

Spring is in the air, and we’re happy to announce that starting on Thursday, April 16th, we’re planning to dramatically expand our presence in the Chicago market, from a weekly circulation of 3,000 (nationally) to a daily circulation of 100,000 in Chicago alone, by the end of the year. Starting tomorrow we will be handing out 5,000 copies of The Printed Blog in Chicago alone!"

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