Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The reason selling multi channel marketing has nothing to do with educating customers

The problem is that they are not organized to be able to make the buy, see snippet and follow the link.

Everybody already knows it's what you should do. So . . .if you're trying to sell multi channel marketing, make it easy for them to buy it. And stop trying to impress people with ROI blablabla.

That's why it would be so cool for HP to get Staples to integrate buying newspaper ads into MarketSplash. Why not give a call to mediabids.com.
Media Agencies Still Figuring Out Multiplatform Buys, Social Media - Advertising Age - MediaWorks: "During the 'Global CEO Spotlight' panel, the moderator, Advertising Age Editor Jonah Bloom, playing the role of a media owner, took the agencies to task for complicating buys due to their complex internal structure. 'We came with a multiplatform [ad buy] and it was an integrated-marketing solution. And then the [agency's] TV guy didn't want to know about parts of it, or he wasn't talking to the digital guy and the digital guy doesn't even know who lives in the TV department.' His monologue drew applause from the media owners in the audience."

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