Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Oce v Xerox in Buffalo! Let the games begin!

@ "MFP Solutions Blog":
Xerox May Land Buffalo Schools Contract!:
"In a recent article from wibv.com, they reported that Buffalo Schools may contract with Xerox and no competitive bidding! This Wednesday night the contract could be awarded to Xerox for almost 300 copy machines with out any additional bidders. . . .

. . . If a vendor comes out, like this particular vendor has come out, and makes reference to the fact that they have been treated unfairly, then I have an obligation and so do the other board members to look into it, and that's exactly what we'll do," said Hernandez.

The District Administration says Xerox came in with a price 31% below the New York State Contract Price, which meets the competitive bidding requirements.

The no-bid contract will be brought up for discussion at Wednesday's Board meeting.

Free advice to John Bird and Team Oce:
Find out who's thinking of running for office in Buffalo. Send them an email or make the call. Then get in contact with someone on the school board who wants to run for something else. Then send them an email. Or just call the people who charge you for PR. Let them make the call. Isn't that what they get paid for? I'm pretty sure this isn't the way you would play in the Netherlands. But this is the States. We play ethical free market hard ball.

Free advice to the Big X
Play fair and get this open to real competition before you have another NYC DoE kerfuffle. Sooner or later the brand impariment is not going to be worth 300 copiers.

Free advice to Independent MPS
If you had an education piece to go with the box piece, you could probably beat out both of them and get paid from the Special Ed budget instead of the supplies budget. Wikibooks, anyone? You'd probably save them enough in textbooks so the 300 copiers is a benefit of doing business with you.
'The leasing contract for close to 300 copy machines for the Buffalo School System could be awarded Wednesday to the Xerox Corporation, without any competitive bidding.'

Oce is not pleased with this and offered this 'We can compete with Xerox head on, head on,' said John Bird of OCE Corporate Printing Division.

That doesn't copy well with the OCE company, which wanted to bid on the contract, but was told by the School District there would be not bidding."


  1. I like your idea but this deal is more than a box deal trust me.

  2. Fair enough. So it's boxes and software and scanners and ....

    Whatever kind of deal it is, it should be fair and open to competition. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a favorite in this game. I just think it has to be fair and square.