Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The commodity is not the value. The user's experience is the value.

I can always depend on something interesting at Beyond-Print. This post did not disappoint.

An artifact that contains a memory has a good margin. Just ask Kodak. The memory is supplied by the user. Print is a token, a tool or a toy. The project described is a token. That's the unique advantage of Print in the learning process. It is a token of a real life conversation. Learning happens in real life conversations.
Go to a Dead concert, then get the book from Blurb: "(April 19, 2009 – G. Alexander) Here’s an idea more digital printers could try. Those who attend the current concert tour by The Dead (a band which includes four original members of The Grateful Dead) can get a photobook of professional photographs from the concert they attended 72 hours later, and its cover can be customized with a photo of their own.

The books are being produced by Blurb, a leading photobook site. The photos inside the book are taken at each concert by Jay Blakesberg, a photographer who is known for his many photos of The Grateful Dead. Blakesberg will also provide a cover photo, but purchasers have the alternative of uploading a photo of their own to appear on the cover of their copy of the book."

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