Friday, April 24, 2009

I love Xerox. My IRA loves Oce and likes Ricoh.

As of yesterday's close, OCENY is up 79.73% since February 17. RICOY is up 19.5% . The other two guys not so much yet. But I figure they will get their acts together sooner or later. I buy and hold, so what the heck.

Meanwhile I'm making money from a little guy in the Netherlands and an 800 lb gorilla in Japan. It's sort of doing the globalism play in reverse.

If HP spins off print, I can bet on them. If Ricoh spins off InfoPrint and lists it in NY than I can get a clearer picture of what I'm betting on. If Kodak spins off consumer from print, I can bet on them with more confidence. As for my home team, all they have to do is to focus and stop being busy being busy. Then I can recover that 62.22% of bets placed in 2005 and 2006 that went down the tubes.

Imagine the returns when someone emerges as the AlcelorMittal of Print?

Go Print!
Go Printernet!

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