Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MPS: Think like a plumber.

If you say you're a plumber in a room full of IT people, you get no respect. If you say you're a plumber to someone with a blocked toilet and guests coming to dinner, you're a savior.

When a client has a blocked toilets and the boss is coming to dinner, they usually need a plumber. If the toilet isn't stuffed and the boss is busy being busy, then they are also too busy being busy to think they need anything. People who don't think they need anything, don't buy anything. They just blabla about the PRICE.

Given the disappearance of funny money, everybody's boss will come to dinner, sooner rather than later. Given the dysfunctional way that print is manufactured and purchased, most organizations have stuffed toilets. That's is the opportunity for MPS.

The reason that plumbers have such good margins is that if you have a stuffed toilet or no heat, price is much less important than getting it fixed now. Plumbers get the respect they need from their families, their bankers and other plumbers. It feels much better than nice words from people you don't know.


  1. Managed Print Services. Based on the data, this is the really growing part of the print business.
    The thing is it's way below the radar of commercial printers. The big international OEMs are HP and Xerox.