Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2D scanning on Android + T Mobile. and "Desktop color will never be good enough."

Android is the free Google OS that is T-Mobiles response to AT&T + iPhone. Cryket is
Android Application Browser: Now you can keep up with new T-Mobile G1 apps from the comfort of your desk!the site for Google Mobile Apps.
The application is free.

I've heard most printers say "Nobody uses QR codes. The market isn't there." Back in the day I heard printers say, "Desktop color will never work" or "PDF-Only can't work for a customer submission requirement." My personal favorite is that "typesetting will never be replaced by amateurs on the Mac."
Cyrket - Barcode Scanner:
Scan barcodes on CDs, books, and other products, then look up prices and reviews, or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs. You can also scan QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, calendar events, and more. NEW: Fixed contact sharing, improved QR Code decoding, and added Chinese translation."

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