Friday, July 10, 2009

Jessica Ridpath and Health Care Professionals need to know about Clickable Print, Printernet Published

PLain Language For Health Care Professionals To Improve Communication With Patients:
"'Informed consent means people understand what they're agreeing to,' said Ridpath. 'But most consent forms are too complex for the reading abilities of the people they're supposed to inform.' A slam poet and language lover, Ridpath is the research communications coordinator at Group Health Center for Health Studies. She just published her first article in the July/August American Journal of Health Promotion
. . .

Ridpath worried that unreadable consent forms were hindering informed decision making—and raising risks for participants and research institutions alike. So four years ago she created the Project to Review and Improve Study Materials, or PRISM. Her article describes how PRISM evolved. First it was a short-term internal training initiative to boost consent form readability. Since then, PRISM has expanded into an enduring suite of hands-on resources. It includes a customizable training workshop and an editing service. Its centerpiece is a Toolkit that illustrates strategies for communicating clearly in written materials for study participants, such as informed consent documents, study invitations, letters, and information sheets.

The Toolkit is based on plain language . . .

Plain language means less bullshit and not acting like an asshole.

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