Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Killer App for Advertising Agencies + Monetizing YouTube: AA = the TV channel. Google = analytics.

The best short form TV is the great 30 second spots. YouTube is TV anytime. The Smart Phone is personal TV. Google already built the infrastructure. Apple hasn't yet come out with iTV and Amazon is all about the books and buying stuff.

So, start cutting out the middleman.
Why pay a gezillion dollars to buy eyeballs? You can spend a million dollars on the ads. Then a 1/4 million to gather the fans by paying close attention to the hits and whether you get a twitter buzz. Then another million outsourcing the data analytics to Google. 2.25 million is a lot less than a gezillion.

If you use information rich QR you can get back to using Print
Then you can give the CMO even better data than they get from the web. If Google builds the tools to analyze the QR derived data, the game is up. And you can concentrate on producing even more awesome videos.

Once you stop doing all the stuff you don't need to do, you can look at reinventing textbooks with clickable newspapers and tell some really important stories, 30 seconds or 140 characters at a time.

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