Monday, July 6, 2009

Reader's Digest Association: A Clickable My Weekly Reader is a killer app.

Reader's Digest Association Sells Assets of Gareth Stevens Publishing - "Gareth Stevens has been a unit of RDA's Weekly Reader Publishing Group, which had announced plans to focus exclusively on its core Weekly Reader brand."
Consider clickable versioned newspapers as the replacement for one time-fits-all textbooks. It's a longish argument, but let's say for now I'm pretty right.

So, a WR teacher goes to a website. Pulls the content she needs for next week. On the following Monday, the school gets 400 copies of a 24 page WR . 30 for class number 1, 30 for class number 2, etc etc etc.

The trick is that it's about Middle School and High School, not elementary school. The other trick is that with QR codes, it's a seemless connection to TV. Everybody loves TV.

Plus it's the fastest way to find out if something is interesting-to-me. Then Print is the best way to compare and contrast to learn more about interesting-to-me.

Then both are the best ways to do it again and again.

Go Reader's Digest! The 50% who don't finish High School are waiting for you.

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