Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google needs printernet published clickable postcards to speed adoption of Chrome OS

I found this at twitter:
PatMcGrewBest new way to make an internal sale /Seth's Blog/ - How do you get your boss to approve something, the ...
Pat usually tweets interesting stuff and today was no exception. The tinyurl goes to Seth Godin's Blog. Worth the click. A great way to break through the noise is to make a video instead of a power point.

Exactly! That's just one of the many reasons why clickable newspapers will be much better/faster/cheaper textbooks.

But that fascinating part is watching the video made by Google. Only 8% of the people they spoke to knew what a browser was. Evidently the blabla on the internet is a niche audience. If some genius printer with a way to get to Google's ad agency could offer them 10,000,000 clickable postcards, that were geo targeted with dynamic QR codes, I be they would buy them.

Why wouldn't they?


  1. Maybe because QR codes are aspirationsl?

  2. On the other hand,

    Aspirations are cool. Cool is what scales mobile phones. Add the tinyurl and you have human readable Urls. And dynamic QR and you get the data that can be harvested for analytics.

    Add adoption in Australiasia, especially Japan and probably Singapore, Sydney and now London...

    Then add that the buzz is all about Augmented Reality. And the fact that Google has GPS + Compass and only the latest iPhone does.

    So that means the real fight is between T-Mobile v AT&T. and between Google v Apple v Microsoft.

    When the Titans fight there is usually money galore for anything that might help. If the functionality existed 100,000,000 clickable postcards delivered everywhere and locally produced is a rounding error for these folks.