Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Score for HP: HP Inkjet Web in France

But check out the range of equipment min the snippet. It's clear they are not a one supplier shop.

The value is the network, not the standalone box or in one vendors "solution." . It doesn't matter whether it's a network of people or machines or both. The value of the network is proportional to the square of the number of nodes.

Can you imagine the going forward value of the printernet?

CPI to install HP Inkjet Web in France as Clays integrates digital lines | "CPI has said its new HP Inkjet Web will now be installed in France. . .

Antony Rowe now has two fully operational Xerox Sedona webs, going on to triple shift shortly, giving us all the digital capacity CPI UK needs at present."

At the heart of the system, set to be installed at Bungay-based Clays in September, is a Kodak Versamark VL6000 black-and-white inkjet printing system linked to a Muller Martini Sigma automated binding line.

The two ma­­chines will effectively operate as one unit. Book covers will be produced offline using a HP Indigo 5500, with inline UV coating . . .

St Ives also has the option to upgrade to Kodak's Prosper range, which uses Stream inkjet technology, subject to performance.

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