Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amazon: How to sell ads in Print books and eventually sell Clickable Newspapers instead of textbooks

First, no display ads. Then very few word ads. The outside two columns of the printed book should be embedded with information rich QR codes. Sooner or later, some of the great advertising agencies in the states will figure out how to do designer QR's. I saw at least one done in Japan. It doesn't work so well on the Kindle. But that's not really a problem because the Kindle is such an amazing reading machine, it's very easy to skip them.

But it Print the QR sits quietly on the side. Mysterious and accessible with the Smart Phone. By the time you have it ready to go, there will be a 3G and handsets can deliver personal TV.

So on the outside right hand column, you have stuff that looks like this:
QR code generator

That takes you to this:

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