Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independent MPS: Google is in with both feet. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion), the opportunity for Independent MPS is to resell Google Apps as part of an MPS solution. Everyone understands the cost of email. Lower it to $50 a seat, get a commission, and install the boxes. They will save enough from the enterprise computing to make the invesment cost of the MFPs to disappear.
Google Apps Premier Edition Gets Key Improvements from CIO.com
"These latest moves show Google Enterprise's increasingly pragmatic approach in selling its software to enterprises, even if that means making it work with legacy technology, says Gartner's Cain. In May, Google added a connector that wedded Gmail with enterprise BlackBerry e-mail clients. In June, it announced that enterprises who purchase Gmail can enable their users to access their e-mail via a Microsoft Outlook client on their Windows Desktops.
. . .
Enterprises have appeared to take notice. Google recently landed a new customer in Fairchild Semiconductor, which recently migrated more than 5,000 users to Gmail in just three weeks. According to Google, the company will see a projected savings of $500,000 a year. In June, JohnsonDiversey, a cleaning supplies company, moved 12,000 users over to Gmail.

According to Cain, Google's ability to respond quickly to customers has stemmed from its cloud computing model. Google delivers software by hosting the applications and having customer companies (and their employees) access them via a web-browser. Google updates its software using an agile development model, making changes frequently and rolling them out to most customers. This differs from on-premise computing, a model used by many incumbent software vendors, where changes happen in yearly (or multiple-year) periods.

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