Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Real Opportunity for 95% of Printers and Newspapers

I found this at twitter:
CircleReaderRT @indieboundpaige Don't be fooled by "local-washing" - national corporations co-opting the idea of "local"
Then I followed the link to:
The dirty tricks behind local-washing:
How national corporations are co-opting the idea of "local
"Then I read the article, and found this:
"If you encourage people to shop at a big-box store that takes sales away from an independent business, you're just funneling more dollars out of town, because, unlike chains, local businesses buy lots of goods and services, like accounting and printing, from other local businesses."

So if local printers and newspapers could get in front of this energy, volunteer and lead the communication on local it would help other independent businesses, themselves and the communities in which they raise their children.

Win-win-win! is always a good value proposition.

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