Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Xerox Offers Premier Partners Free Premium Membership to WhatTheyThink . Nice.

Xerox Offers Premier Partners Free Premium Membership to WhatTheyThink
"“Premium WhatTheyThink membership provides a great opportunity for our members to keep their entire staffs aware of the news, trends and expert opinions that are shaping the industry,” said Gavin Jordan-Smith, vice president, Premier Partners Global Network, Xerox Corporation. “With the slow economy accelerating the pace of change in our industry, a well-informed staff is a strategic asset.”"
The high margins are in the network. The boxes are commodities. Print is a commodity. Everything else, but the network, is a commodity. Commodity is a good business. But it is low margins, large scale. The marginal cost of the network is low. If you can sell access, it's high margin. If you can't sell access then go with read for free, pay for stuff.

WTT has been around for years. They have aggregated an audience that is all things Print in the United States. The marginal cost of that audience should be close to zero. On the other hand the cost in time, focus and dollars of growing that network is considerable. But now it has reached critical mass. To get easy access to all that print content is now worth $200 per year to a significant number of people.

As a web presence, the cost of the delivery infrastructue should be very low. That's using commodity tools to create something out of nothing. Very cool.

WTT in clickable print, printernet published
If WTT sold the license to Xerox? Oce? Kodak? HP? or all of them, to publish points of interest in Print, then the globals would have a constant supply of marketing materials that could be sent to their customer's customers. Plus it's a lot more likely that everyone at the PSP would become part of the conversation.

If they added dynamic QR codes into the mix, every designer would think they are way cool. "Way cool" is what attracts prospects. It's much cheaper then sorting through suspects.

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