Thursday, July 9, 2009

Versioned newspapers, clickable print and geo targeting

Interesting post at Nieman Journalism Lab describing the business plan of Talking Points Memo, an online only web news service. Definitely worth the click from the snippet.

Geo targeting means Print and mobile phones. Dynamic QR codes connect the two and allow for data harvesting.

Note in the snippet below, Politico earns it's profit with a Print edition.

TPM sees room for growth through geotargeted advertising
read @Nieman Journalism Lab
"Those ads would be geo-targeted specifically to readers in the D.C. metro area, where TPM says it is widely read by Democratic staffers and others who will control the White House and Congress in an Obama administration. “There’s a huge advertising market that is trying to reach D.C. eyeballs right now,” Andrew Golis, deputy publisher of TPM Media, told me in a phone interview. “And certainly we can charge a premium to reach those eyeballs.”

The strategy takes a page from newspapers like Roll Call and The Hill, which have small but highly valuable circulations in the capital. More recently, Politico has found success, though not yet profitability, by distributing a print edition that pays the bills for its popular website."

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