Sunday, July 5, 2009

Amazon applying for in-book advertisement patent for Kindle

Consider clickable newspapers supported by public health ads and distributed for free to high schools.

Amazon applying for in-book advertisement patent for Kindle:
from the comments:
"I actually think this would be really cool. I like looking at ads—they are actually good sometimes. Aside from that, if it would bring down the price of the books, it would be awesome. I think the books should be $0.99 or $1.99 and have ads. That would make a big difference.

Now, I buy a book on the Kindle for almost full price but I don’t get to take full advantage of it. For example, if a friend want’s to read the book too, I can’t give it to them. So, for the lower price, it would rock. The world needs new ad formats. After all, I never watch live TV and always skip the commercials. Having ads in books could show a lot of potential."


  1. I have a copy of an old science fiction book (can't right now remember the title) with a full color ad on card stock bound into the middle of it. Nothing new there...

    Did it bother me? I can't remember that far back (sorry, age is sneaking up) but don't believe it slowed me down much.

    So we need a patent for that kind of thing?

  2. Gail,
    It reminds me of the hey day of business process patents. I'm thinking the idea must be having to be able to deliver the metrics to allow advertisers to get just the right ads in just the right books. and then be able to get paid on the basis of niche market eyeballs.

    I agree there is nothing really new except the scale. On the other hand search algorithms and methods of micro sales and micro purchases are sometimes discussed as the real value creator for Google and for Amazon with their recommendation engine.

    Given how many organizations don't have the data to do real time personalized recommendations this could turn out to be a big deal.

    Not so much as patent protection, but in keeping other people out of the space becuase of fear of lawsuit. Since Amazon has very deep pockets, it might give them just the time advantage they need to be able to offer "free-to-the-user" ebooks, while making money the old fashioned way. Advertising.