Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vertis and Michael Kucharski need to know about clickable Print and dynamic QR codes

So, today this came up on the Google search. Michael Kurchaski left XRX to join Quincy Allen at Vertis. All good. Now Team Ursula can focus on enterprise MPS and sell some boxes and toner.

The cool thing for XRX is that they have a huge lead in education. Education, more than anyone else, needs clickable print, with dynamic QR codes, and printernet publishing.

Let Vertis do the commercial piece or partner with them to fix high school ed.
Build on what they will build by focusing on Google Enabled MFPs and Open Source MPS. They sell their stuff. XRX sells their stuff. With a little bit of luck, we can get attendance and homework compliance at bottom of the pyramid High Schools fixed better/faster/cheaper. Once attendance and homework compliance improves, everything else will improve much faster. Until it does, all the blablabla in the world is not going to help innovation to scale.

That gets to win-win-win. And everyone can have a nice day.

On June 8, Vertis issued a PR release that is quoted below:

Baltimore (June 8, 2009) - Vertis Communications, a premier marketing services provider of targeted print advertising and direct marketing solutions to America's leading retail and consumer services companies, announced today that 18-year Xerox veteran Michael Kucharski has been named senior vice president and general manager of Vertis' premedia and technology groups. These critical divisions provide premedia and digital solutions that streamline and increase ROI for clients' advertising production, media planning and placement, interactive marketing and creative services. In addition, the group delivers prepress solutions for consumer packaged goods companies.

"I have great confidence in Mike's leadership skills and ability to deliver technologically advanced, market-making products and programs to Vertis customers," said Quincy L. Allen, chief executive officer for Vertis Communications. "I grew to know Mike well while working with him at Xerox Corporation. His vast knowledge of sales, marketing, operations and strategic planning enables him to bring a unique vision to Vertis' premedia and technology groups. Because Vertis is focusing on enhancing our clients' multi-channel communications, Mike's experience in pioneering workflow business solutions will be instrumental as we execute our go-forward strategy on behalf of customers."

Vertis is the natural first mover on Printernet Publishing and Clickable Print with dynamic QR codes. If fixing high school by reinventing textbooks as clickable newspaper product gets on their radar, we're halfway there.
Vertis Communications is a premier provider of targeted print advertising and direct marketing solutions to America's leading retail and consumer services companies. Vertis delivers marketing programs that create strategic value for clients by using creative services, proprietary consumer research, database targeting and digital technologies, premedia and media placement services, combined with its world-class printing expertise. With more than 100 locations in North America, Vertis' extensive suite of services includes advertising inserts, direct mail, out-of-home displays, newspaper special sections, POP, marketing collateral, online interactive and multimedia. For more information, visit

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