Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Quad City Times gets the QR code thing. Wait until they found out about information rich QR codes.

Picked up from Twitter:
AugmentedAdvertRT: - News: Access more with QR Codes - Quad City Times
From the Quad City Times:
Access more with QR Codes:
". . . For example, Honda and Subaru both have put QR Codes in magazine ads for their autos of late. When you see the barcode (and it looks nothing like the barcodes you're used to, as you can tell from the one pictured in this Quadrant), you use your phone's camera to take a picture of it. Doing this will launch the QR Code and take you to a wonderful word of further advertising enhancement. Seriously. We're not making that up. Bands have been known to use them to give away free songs.

So, here you go. At the top of this Quadrant is a special Quad-City Times QR Code. Download the software to your phone and be prepared to be wowed.

What will be waiting for you on the other side? Well, to entice you, you'll see a Quadrants video that lists the three finalists for the Quad-Cities Signature Dish Contest. That's right, this QR Code will tell you the finalists in the competition for the area's best pork tenderloin."

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