Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Action at the bottom of the pyramid real estate market (USA) is humming nicely.

It's the same top-of-the-pyramid illusion. When all the noise is about the top falling apart, it's hard to get the signal that activity at the bottom is increasing.

What looks like a meltdown from the Board Room turns out to be an opportunity on the ground. if you earn money at the top, it's a crisis. The closer you get to the ground the easier it is to earn a living.
Home Prices Continued Their Decline in March - "In many urban areas, including those tracked by Case-Shiller, the residential real estate market is essentially cleaved in two. The top half of the market is largely stagnant, with owners unwilling to sell and buyers unable to buy. “Move-up” families seeking another bedroom or a better kitchen are an endangered species.

The low end, however, is sizzling, as investors armed with cash and first-time buyers equipped with tax breaks compete for foreclosed properties."

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