Friday, May 29, 2009

DP: Another piece of the printernet tested in Denver And the model for someone to get the margins of the textbook industry.

The education printernet is the same thing as described in the snippet. Only it's also printed in the classroom or the CRD for sharing in the classroom and with ads only from Public Health and Civic organizations. Hotel rooms = classrooms.
MediaNews Group Starting Test of Home-Printed News: "CHICAGO MediaNews Group is preparing to put its 'Individuated News' personalized newspaper to the test in real homes in Denver next week.

Peter Vandevanter, vice president of targeted products for MediaNews Group, told the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) 'The Power of Print Conference' that the subscribers will get home delivery of a printed paper, through home printers or portable devices, with content personalized to their demands and including hyper-targeted advertising and coupon offers.

On June 3, the I-News product will be expanded with the installation of printers in 25 Denver households and the rooms of 60 guests of the extended-stay, Vandenvanter said. The expansion of the project was reported by Bill Mitchell, leader of news transformation and international projects at The Poynter Institute, who interviewed Vandevanter at the WAN meeting.

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