Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Column is up at PBS and why I love the internet

The title of this week's column is QR Codes Connect Print to the Web. Early this am (EDT) I got an email from a visitor to PBS that pointed me to 2D Code. Where I found this:

In Japan QR codes are found on everything from business cards to fresh lettuce. Now they are coming to the West and advertising and promotion will never be the same again. 2d Code will keep you informed as it happens, with news, views and analysis.

If you would like to create a QR Code here is a list of the best online QR Code Generators and if you would like to download a reader for your mobile device there is also a list of the best QR Code Readers.

and this:

2d code: Latest post

Ain't the internet cool? What's not to love?

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