Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The addressable market for the education printernet in NYC and why K -12 textbooks are toast.

Old rules in NYC we single source sales made to Purchasing Agents at the DoE. New opportunity is selling to 80 percent of Prinicipals at the building level. Given how much trouble some of these very smart, well education, non Dept of Ed young people are having, the issue for the them is getting more learning happening and saving time being busy with non value added tasks.

More learning happening and eliminating clerical time is the exact sweet spot of the Education Printernet.

So, get in touch with every Principal who graduated from the Leadership Academy.

This series in the NYT is most definitely worth the read.
Controlling Interests - New York City Principals Are Younger and Freer, but Some Raise Doubts - Series -
From NYTimes.com:

"Nearly 80 percent of the city’s principals were not on the job in 2001;

Chad A. Altman, the 28-year-old head of a Bronx elementary school, was still studying public policy at Carnegie Mellon University when the mayor was petitioning Albany for school control. Indeed, 22 percent of today’s principals are under 40, compared with 6 percent in 2002; about 20 percent of them have less than five years of teaching experience, double the percentage in 2002."

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