Tuesday, May 26, 2009

QR Codes get on the radar at Harvard's Neiman Journalism Lab. and K -12 Textbook morphing gets just a little closer

My column at PBS Mediashift went live sometime in the early morning. At 10:40 am, Martin Langeveld posted QR Codes: A tool for Journalists? at Nieman Journalism Lab, at Harvard.

Serious newspaper people visit the Nieman Journalism Lab. In the comments to Langeveld's post I said,
The real breakthrough, in my not so humble opinion, will be in K - 12 education. A single printed sheet can give the headlines with a QR code to take a student to a wiki or video adding to the student’s knowledge at just the moment that he is interested in it. I’ve seen high school kids with their cell phones, they would love it.
Most likely, if I'm thinking this way, there have to be thousands of other people who are thinking exactly the same way. It's that "no new ideas" thing.

At any rate, sooner or later it will be picked up. Someone will run a proof of concept. It might turn out that you can get measurable data on learning outcomes. If and when that happens, K -12 textbooks as the learning tool of choice start going away.

Bad news for textbook publishers. Good news for the Print industry.

Go education printernet!

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