Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another score for Xerox UK!

Anybody else starting to notice a pattern? Things keep happening in the UK and Canada. What are they doing that Xerox USA should be doing? Or is it just that the UK/Canada part of Euromerica is different in significant details from the States part of Euromerica. If that's the case, the task at hand is to figure out the principles that seem to doing fine there, modify as necessary and bring them here.

It's all about the differing communication ecologies. Shakespeare in the round is different from Shakespeare in a proscenium. Shakespeare in German is different from Shakespeare in Spanish is different from Shakespeare in Dutch or Japanese. But it's still Shakespeare. It's the same story. Just different space/time specific places in which to tell the story.

At any rate, if you take the click from the snippet you'll see that first that Duncan Print bought a DocuColor 700. Then they probably found their market. Then they bought another box to serve the market they already have. Nice! It's a simple OEM organic growth story for the "analysts." I especially like that Free Flow connects digital, shmigital to the real action in litho. That's the kernel of the printernet part.

Plus you can do metrics!

How many X boxes are on the street?
How many of those X boxes will want to turn into Y boxes?
How many software upgrades will you sell connecting litho to shmigital?
How many software upgrades will you sell as the printernet scales?

Go through the whole product line all over the planet. Then you can give the "analysts" a spread sheet that even they might be able to understand.

I wonder what the path is to upgrade to an iGen4?
Duncan Print buys iGen3 and . . .
Tim Sheahan,, 28 May 2009

Duncan Print Group is aiming to push its turnover through the £8m mark after investing in a Xerox iGen3 digital press.

The iGen3, which will replace an outgoing Xerox DocuColor 7000, has been installed with FreeFlow Print Server – an investment that will complement the Hertfordshire-based company's litho offering.
. . .
Peter Taylor, director of production and graphic arts at Xerox UK, said: "The investment in print technology and workflow are two areas of improvement that the UK print industry is evaluating in order to deliver increased value to end-users."

In 2007, the company had a turnover of £7.8m.

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