Tuesday, May 26, 2009

As usual Kevin Phillips has it just right! It's about Asia, not Euromerica. For globals it's about the printernet.

Living in the States, the Going East thing never worked. It's east from NY, but it's west from LA. It's alot easier with Euromerica, Australasia, Centralasia and Africa.

The blablabla follows
Unfortunately, as a American educated, my geography isn't as good as it should be, but . . .

The Metropole of North Euromerica = London-NY -Amsterdam
The Metropole of South East Asia = Hong Kong/Shenzen.?
The Metropole of Centralasia = Cairo-TelAviv-Abu Dhabai?
The Metropole of Southern Africa = Johannesburg?
The Metropole of Northern Africa = Cairo ?

Miami is Venice. Sydney is Venice. Los Angeles-Vancover is Venice. Nairobi is Venice.
Other Venices are ???? India?, Brazil?, Central Asia?, etc, etc, etc . . . . .

The point is that Print first emerged during the First Price Revolution. I'm betting that Print + Web = Printernet will emerge from the Second Price Revolution. It will emerge wherever it emerges. But it will spread once it gets to the The Venices.

Kevin Phillips:
The New Politics of Inflation: Asian and . . . "The fallacy guiding Washington policymakers circa 2009 can be summed up. The global, but Asia-linked Second Price Revolution is the truth that U.S. officialdom seemingly cannot face.

The current inflationary politics of trillion-dollar budget deficits and Federal Reserve printing presses are pouring gasoline on still smoldering red embers only barely covered by 8-12 months of gray deflationary ashes. Both Americans and foreigners concerned about the incendiary potential of inflation and the devaluation of the dollar have good historical reason for concern."

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