Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DP: Here's why Print will reinvent High School and the Printernet will scale

Once Print goes wireless . . .
"Physical and digital are really one and the same for today’s youth."

Interactive print media connecting with mobile marketing strategies
@Mobile Marketing Blog by Pongr: "The trick is, print media needs to be viewed as a physical link to the digital, mobile world. Physical media is obviously important and not going away, but just as people can quickly and gracefully float back and forth between their physical and digital lives, we all are coming to expect the same from the advertisements we find appealing; subconsciously at first, but quite consciously when the advertisements fail to acknowledge our version of the “real” world that is mobile, digital and bricks & mortar all at once. Physical and digital are really one and the same for today’s youth."


  1. Nicely put. The message is the most important thing, and it had better be relevant. The channel is important only after the message's relevance has been established. Multiple channels reinforcing a relevant message is the key to any media company's future. Print - especially print that interfaces nicely with mobile and the web - will be a cornerstone for a long time to come.

  2. John,
    We agree. But I would take it even one step further. It is not just print as a cornerstone. Once Print is wireless it's an entirely new ball game. For old timers the internet is the new thing. For kids it is assumed. They now live in a world where there is essentially no difference between the web and the physical world. It's all one information rich communication ecology.

    But, Print brings the ability to share and an unequaled convenience that ereaders or screens will never have.

    For education, even more importantly, the fact that Print does not move, means that it is the most convenient media for "compare and contrast."
    Compare and contrast is exactly at the heart of real learning to learn.