Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everything you need to know about the value of Print, the future of newspapers. All brought to you by the CBS Sunday Morning Show.

Hal Wright has been running a one person newspaper for forty years. He is 90. He does everything except for the printing. Even for him print is easy for a printer, hard for everyone else. Easy for me, hard for you is the basis of the division of labor and natural evolution. It's the reason I invest my IRA in companies that print and/or supply printers.

It's the only thing that Mr Wright can't do.

Watch the video:

or read the script, Hal Wright, Solo Newsman -
from BS News:
"In the Sierra Nevada Mountains sits an out-of-the-way corner of California where scant few even pass through, and fewer still stick. Hal Wright stuck, in the little town of Loyalton, where he was a gold digger who fell down a mine shaft, and once he got out, stayed out. He missed newspapers out here, so Hal started one: The Sierra Booster. He was answering the phone when we visited.

Hall showed us a copy of the paper's very first edition, which features a line in its masthead: 'To be published fortnightly at Loyalton, California, until further notice.'

'You're coming up on half a century later, and you haven't given notice that you're quitting yet,' Geist said."

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