Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Cloud is not the Internet. The Cloud is 4G. In Tokyo, Samsung has 4G in trials.16Mbps on the downlink

The printernet is Ground-Cloud-Print-Cloud-Ground. It scales as 4G scales. Paper becomes an on ramp to the Cloud through cell phones and RFID.

It's why the PIA should stop worrying about Do Not Mail and work hard to close the 4G gap in America. It's also why Google, Amazon and Apple don't have to give dividends and still have great stock prices. The cell phone like email before it, are the true killer apps.

Imagine a high school not-textbook that was only pictures and QR codes, presenting the mystery in a picture that could only be solved by going to the nuanced understandings possible in words and diagrams. Then imagine those words being captured for convenient sharing in Print.

To understand how Print connects to the Cloud, it's important to see the Cloud for what it is. People under 30 understand it. People still in High School live in it. The internet is too inconvenient and can't be shared. Cell phones and Print are very convenient. Sharing a picture on a cell phone or in Print is very easy.

WiMax in Japan Looking Down on 3G
by Wireless Watch Japan:
"According to Tanaka, UQ has been achieving up to 16Mbps on the downlink and up to 3.9Mbps on the uplink since free trials of the service began in February 2009. The trials are taking place in Tokyo (all 23 wards), Yokohama and Kawasaki using some 600 Samsung base stations, which are compliant to WiMAX Forum Wave-2 Phase-2 specifications. Wave-2 Phase-2 supports various additional features compared with Wave-2 Phase-1, such as QoS for real-time and near real-time video, multicast broadcast services, and IPv6. Moreover, UQ is the first major mobile WiMAX operator to use FFR (fractional frequency reuse), which, says UQ, can improve overall spectrum efficiency by 85 per cent compared with a typical ‘3-frequency’ operation."

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