Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A teacher in the UK is using QR codes to teach anatomy so how hard could it be to replace textbooks?

Thanks to Roger at 2d codes for the point.
If Jarrod Robinson in the UK can paste QR codes to a skeleton and rig up a laptop to improve learning about bones, imagine what would happen if we harness variable data printing to on line videos and insert the appropriate codes.

High school kids love their cell phones. High school kids love video. Video is the best story telling medium on the planet. I learned more about D-Day from watching Band of Brothers on my time (DVR) than I learned in three weeks of lectures in a high school classroom.

Print is the best learning to think logically medium on the planet. I continue to work with the logical thinking stuff. Now that I'm retired it's much easier.

Here's how to teach art history and history in general with posters.
Here's how to teach anything with T shirts and baseball caps.
Here's how to teach anything with a deck of cards.
Here's how to go to the web from the back cover of a book or p.24 of a versioned newspaper.

Why wouldn't Xerox or Google or Amazon or a textbook publisher staring at the oncoming light at the end of the tunnel do this?
Bone Up on QR Codes
By Roger ⋅ March 27, 2009

Jarrod Robinson is the teacher we would all like to have had during our school days. Having invented QR Code orienteering he now keeps his students busy and interested learning the major bones of the human skeleton with the aid of QR Codes Click to go to 2d CodersCodes to see the video

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