Monday, May 25, 2009

Yes we can! Says the Empowered Black Women's and Go Big X! and Go Ursula Burns!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Ms Burns has just the right DNA, focus and experience to get the high school education problem fixed. My problem is that I can't get the right people to see that's it's much easier than previously believed. And it's all about the educational printernet + RFID + QR codes + Cloud computing and the ecology of communication.

I'm hoping that some wonderful PR person will get this on her radar, or Quincy's radar, or Tom's radar. They should be able to extract whatever is useful in what I may have stumbled upon and finally get the bottom of the pyramid high school, the childhood obesity and the addiction pandemics to at least bottom out and start moving in the right direction.
Xerox Names Ursula Burns, a BLACK Woman as CEO!
From Empower Me! The Empowered Black Women’s Network:
"I have been so busy with my son’s graduation but finally had time to catch up on news today. On Thursday, Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy officially passed the torch to Ursula Burns. I have been watching the grooming process for a while now and it was a given that she would get the top spot. I am so very proud to see that she has finally gotten it. Here is the link to the article. She is the epitome of an Empowered Black Woman! Sisters, hers is an inspirational story and proof that you CAN make it happen."

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