Sunday, May 24, 2009

HP, Xerox, Ricoh and other Globals: How to get the stock price to pop.

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The issue is risk mitigation going forward. Instead of hiring more marketing people, hire more actuaries. While you searching for markets, don't forget to search for alpha. Face the fact that the era (error?) of funny money and under priced risk is over. The new game is earning a profit AND increasing the dividend whenever you can. It's a much easier way to manage the analysts.

Oce gives a regular dividend. Their stock popped over 100% since February 17, 2009. Recently Xerox has started up with regular dividends I put 1000 more shares in the IRA on Friday. The best signal-for-me is money-for-me. All the rest is nice, but blablabla. Money-for-me is dividends. Color cube(qube), XPS and Ursula Burns is very nice, but still noisy. Dividends, like compensation, on the other hand, are simple signals that almost always get through any noise.

I buy/hold/and sometimes kibbutz. (this blog.) I rarely gamble. I hate risk. Every once in a while a Black Swan with a minimum risk appears. (That's the C+P in the IRA.) I'm a fan of the market because I never got into being a sports fan, politics is becoming a less interesting sport, teaching is a young person's game and only boomers are still interested in Bob Dylan and the Beattles.

Since the only thing that I think I know anything about is my beloved print industry, that's where I put the IRA.

At Dividends Value it says:
The following is a combined list of the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats [Aristocrat], US Broad Dividend Achievers [Achiever], International Dividend Achievers [Intl. Achiever] and U.S. Dividend Champions [Champion]. The duplications have been eliminated and stocks are crossed out when I learn that they have either cut their dividend or fail to raise it. For additional information on each of the above lists, please click here.
Over here at Tough Love, I say that ones on the list that caught my interest were
Pitney Bowes Inc. (PBI) - [Aristocrat] - [Achiever] - [Champion]
McGraw-Hill Cos. Inc. (MHP) - [Aristocrat] - [Achiever] - [Champion]
John Wiley & Sons Inc. (Cl A) (JW.A) - [Achiever]
Courier Corp. (CRRC) - [Achiever]
H&R Block Inc. (HRB) - [Achiever]
And especially the ones that no longer make the cut, but might get back someday
New York Times Co. (NYT) - [Achiever] - Cut 11/08
Avery Dennison Corp. (AVY) - [Aristocrat] - [Achiever] - [Champion] - Flat since 12/07..

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