Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The view is often clearer from the edges. The message from PacPrint sounds about right.

Print CEOs positive of industry future -
"Morgan warned managers that they must “look forwards, not backwards”, and be cautious when it comes to cost-cutting. “We must not cut back on marketing and other spends like apprentices,” he said."

I have a quibble about the marketing stuff, but apprentices? Now that's something we should try out in the States. Take the money invested in "career education" both in High Schools and C ommunity Colleges and repurpose it for a National Apprenticeship Program.

It will need mentors to manage the kids and the printers are too busy. On the other hand, we have lots and lots of grey beards who would love to nurture the next generation and don't really want to have face time day jobs. Plus we have all the headcount that had been reduced to satisfy Money that has now turned it's attention away from the Casino and back to the Real Economy.

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