Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why it's Apple v Google for control of cell phones

I found a post Chris Moss's Blog this morning with the ten reasons a Blackberry user loves Android and T1 Mobile. It's not a this is better than that post. Just some nice observations.

Apple's model is selling iPhones. Google's model is something to do with advertising for now. My theory is that it's about harvesting behavior in physical space to be able to sell more advertising in physical localities and to take a second run at Newspaper advertising.

Apple has a huge lead in being the top dog leading the cell phone pack. Google is google. Pretty soon it seems that Apple will introduce the tablet computer disguised as an a bigger iPhone. I have to believe that some tablet computer OEM will put Android behind a touch screen + a whisper net connection and do the same. Amazon?

In retrospect, doesn't IBM look smart and HP look a little less smart?

I'm hoping that one of them will see the opportunity in education to join cellphones/tablet computers to customized print + QR codes to replace textbooks with Cloud born customized Print.

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