Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DP: Why newspapers are coming back . . . Pt 2. And still another opportunity for versioned newspapers

If no one has, somebody really should get in contact with the folks in Cedar Rapids. Oce? HP? Screen? AlphaGraphics? maybe even big X to do the High School piece.

Complete Community Connection: more reinvention in Cedar Rapids
@ Nieman Journalism Lab: You can’t really call it a blog post when the printout stretches to 33 single-spaced pages, but it’s highly recommended reading: Steve Buttry, the “information content conductor” of Gazette Communications in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has published “A blueprint for the Complete Community Connection” as a nine-parter on his blog. More conveniently, you can download the whole thing at Scribd (very simple registration required.) In his previous incarnation at the American Press Institute, Buttry worked on the Newspaper Next project, which urged newspapers to adopt disruptive innovation as a strategy, rather than being disruptively innovated against.

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