Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The blabla begins on the Color Cube or is it ColorQube.

Since I'm not an expert in MFPs I have to listen to what other people say. I care about high school education, my IRA and getting the printernet working. Below are some of the things I've heard so far about the the Color Cube. I refuse to use Qube. Everyone searches on color cube. It sounds like color cube. What's a qube, anyway?

Bruce says
As I pondered the introduction of this printer. I was wondering how Xerox was going to hit their lofty goal by making color prints the same price of black & white. Sure enough, Xerox comes up with some funny Math.

4 black ink sticks for $570
12 color ink sticks for $528

Art Post says
Notes:- inside mailer were print samples that showed typical shortcomings of wax prints, including fuzzy photos, and difficulty with fine lines and small text
- apparantly does NOT support coated stocks of any kind (issue with wax adhering to surface)
- note that sometimes banding appears in prints, meaning lines of light color or no color, and end user may choose the “Full Banding Fix” on the control panel, which will take 8 minutes to kick out test pages, and waste wax until complete
- End users are advised not to turn unit off if possible, due to waste of wax, and long warmup times
- End users are advised that if they need to move the unit, they should turn off and wait 30 minutes, so wax cools and hardens and does not splash when unit is moved.
- End users are warned that when replacing the “Cleaning Unit”, it is possible to spill the silicon oil inside, which is used to keep the drum clean
- End users are instructed to remove and replace the waste ink tray, as unit will not operate if it is full
Anon says
While this is no new technology... ie: phaser printer solid ink/crayon tech. the concept is nobal. the reality is that the is process is fair but not great. the crayon technology has and will alway be less than acceptable for the business world and will never be acceptable for Production system... the fact that the "rub resistance" will never be good enough for use with mailing systems or in catalog or sales brochures... presentation material will be fine..

Again,. this is nothing new... the low fuser tem technology is employeed by many mfg's today... Canon uses a wax polimer with a toner partical to image with.. this leave no residue or chemical matter ... a very clean technology.

most of the other mfg's use something simular in their business color devices...

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