Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BP: Market Splash version 1.5. Evolution can get very messy.

I received a background PDF on the really interesting developments with Market Splash as they move from version 1.0 to version 1.5. Most definitely worth watching. Watching a global respond in real time, as opposed to corporate almost gets to the Black Swan category.

The crux of the matter, in my not so humble opinion, is do they give the franchises the same deal as Staples? No doubt it's heavy lifting, but it's the necessary piece to scale fast. The franchise printernet is the real threat to the Staples copy shop advantage.

If only HP would spin of the print piece. If HP thinks they can get a margin from computers, go with good luck. But why steal from that awesome print business. If they don't want to focus on it, sell it. Based on what I read this morning at Business Week, it sounds like they could use the cash.
From the release:
What changes is HP making to MarketSplash by HP?
In the future, MarketSplash will be re-purposed as a value-added differentiator for our HP printing products. Specifically, in line with the Print 2.0 strategy, HP will adjust in the following ways:

1. HP will no longer advertise on the open market to drive traffic to MarketSplash, effectiveimmediately. In September, the site will be turned off and re-launched as a service targeted to HP customers with a focus on print-to-desktop. The site will stay up through September to service existing customers.

2. HP will open our print fulfillment network to our PSP partners in two ways: 1) we will add a PSP locator to refer customers to HP PSPs for local print fulfillment (PSP takes order, no back-end integration), and 2) for print-to-mail fulfillment (HP takes order, deep back-end integration), we will add additional PSP vendors when MarketSplash revenue scales to a $10M annual run-rate.

3. HP will pilot a white label MarketSplash solution for HP’s PSP partners. If this pilot is successful, we will launch the white label solution to our HP PSP community.

Additional details will be provided over the coming months.
HP customers can learn more about MarketSplash by HP at

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