Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Present Market Cap of Kodak is less than what Ricoh paid for Ikon and Xerox Paid for Global Imaging..

No problem with the underlying value. 30,000,000 users at Kodak Gallery + the largest high res library on the Cloud. Number one player in offset workflow in the States. Plus one of the most respected and valuable brands on the planet. Either this Board of Directors or the next one will get it right. With over 90% of the common held by institutions maybe present Money will be the trigger. But you never know with Money.

My IRA doesn't care and I only buy and hold, so I'm not betting on market price blablablabla.
At Xerox, Mulcahy Passes Torch to Burns --
from Seeking Alpha:
". . . the $1.5 billion purchase of Global Imaging Systems Inc. in 2007"

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